Sunday, February 1, 2009

To all my Ohana out there who have been wanting more you go. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you also enjoy the captions that go with them. This is to make up for all the "Caption of the Day" pictures we've missed.
Stay very still...If we don't move, maybe they won't see us.

Like me buss yur face???


Mom and Me about to take my first swim.

I am the original Hawaiian Santa and these are my beautiful elves

Here is my first attempt at swimming. I'm not to worried b/c my Dad is a great swimmer....He's Hawaiian don't you know.

This is how I greet the day Boy is Mommy in for a big suprise

I'll send more next time. My Mommy and Daddy sends their love and aloha to all of you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Holiday videos

Hello Everyone. Here are some videos of us over the holidays. We were lucky enough to have it snow here on New Years. It was just enough for us to go sledding at Mom and Dad's the rest of the week. We were able to start sledding at the back of the house to the top of the big hill and then continue on down to the river. Don took William for his first downhill sled ride. He wanted to take him down the big hill but I told him to go down the kiddy hill.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sorry we don't have time to write more....We do have a lot of pictures and videos to share with you all. Here I am creeping up on my cousin Syd and laying the SMACK DOWN

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey are more pictures from our last trip to the islands. We sure did love our time back there. I got to meet so many members of my ohana. I also got a chance to stick my toes in the kiddy pool where my daddy learned how to swim (Hau'ula Beach Park).
Top Left: Aunty Line and Maria stop to take a picture with me on sunday services at Laie Cemetary.
Top Center: Some of my cousins from the Fonoimoana side and Great Great Grandpa Toa and Grandma Line's grave
Top Right: My Daddy and the Patriarch of the Fonoimoana Vai' Great Uncle Kosena
Bottom Left: Aunty Sweetheart and Kaena
Bottom Center: Mommy, Daddy, and I at GGGpa Toa and GGGma Line's grave.
Bottom Right: Uncle Bully and Aunty Lisa and the Kalaaukahi camp at Hau'ula Beach Park

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sorry that I’ve been away for so long. Life gets so busy with everyday “stuff” that I tend to forget the important things in life like eating, sleeping, breathing, and our blog. But, I'm back and hope to stay on track.

A lot has happened since last I wrote so I try to catch you all up as quick as possible. I hope you all have some time…Here we go!!!!

In the middle of July my mommy and daddy took me back to my native home of Hau’ula Hawaii. On the way we met some wonderful ladies (Linda and Gracie).

We got bumped off our flight in Portland and drove up with them to Seattle to catch a flight the next day.

On our way to Seattle we saw some wonderful mountains like Mount Rainier seen below. We also so the three sisters and Mt. Saint Helen's.
Washington was a beautiful state. So lush and green and the trees there are like none that I've ever seen before. They were so tall and straight. I can see why they do a lot of logging in Washington State.
When we got to Honolulu, via Maui, auntie resa picked us up and took us to Hau'ula. We had a wonderful plan to surprise grandma and it worked perfectly. Auntie Resa and two of Dad's friends walked in to the Ohana camp at Hau'ula Beach Park with me in her arms while my mom and dad hid just outside. It was about 11pm and a lot of the Ohana was still awake taking story and playing cards. Auntie Resa told them that they were just in town. My daddy had just gotten off the phone with Grandma telling here that we were unable to get to Hawaii so she didn't expect anything....Just watch the rest...
My daddy will never forget this moment. It was so wonderful to be able to make my Grandma's wish come true. She had wanted us to come home and she got what she asked for. You are welcome Grandma.
My mommy said I have a curfew of 1am so I'll have to stop but I'll be back tomorrow to finish up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Day In The Life of A Mother: 05 July 2008


That is what I’m thinking of most these days. When I was a young girl time traveled so slow; the day was long, the school year was a life time sentence (but not the summer). As a young adult it was slow but the pace soon picked up. I think time speeds up as we experience more and as we achieve the goals or milestones we have for ourselves. Life has gone by so fast since my mission and meeting Don. Now as we have the blessing of little William time went into wrap 10.
It’s not only because each day goes by so fast and with each day he grows so much it is because as I look at William I see the next 20 years in my mind. It is a scary and exciting thing. I look forward and see in my mind his first word and his first step, his first day of school, the day he is baptized, receives the priesthood and his first temple trip. I see him as a charming 16 year old—probably a football player (RED RAIDER FO LIFE CUZZdaddy’s insert)--and I see him serving the Lord to return back a grown adult ready to take on the world and find his career and the love of his life. During these years I hope and wish for him to be good, to do what is right, and to be strong and kind. I wish for him to be wise and smart and to have excitement in what he chooses to do. I hope he is kind and compassionate to others—that he is the friend people need. I hope he is kind and sensitive to every girl who will have a crush on him and that he will show the utmost respect and charity to the woman he gives his heart to. As all these thoughts go through my mind I realize that as his parents we have the great responsibility to be the example for him. It is a difficult challenge but one that every parent steps up to do. With Don at my side I know we will try our best to teach, serve, and love William.

1 year down...99 to go

My mom and dad celebrated their first anniversary (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY). I can't believe it has been a year already. Time really flies when your having fun...and babies. It has been a wonderful year. A year filled with new adventures, new challenges, new friends, and old habits dying hard. My mom and dad love each other more now then a year ago. A funny thing about love. If nourished, tended too, and cared for, it will grow until it bares fruit. They are growing and learning together and I am doing my part to train them up...Ha Ha Ha.

Mom cooked up a wonderful meal for us. We had homemade lasagna, garlic bread, and this unbelievable strawberry dessert. Dad had most of it. It was a fairly low key celebration but it was great.

Mom and Dad are looking forward to next year with great anticipation and expectations are high. If you think this year was packed with new adventures stick around...the fun has just begun.

Mahalo to everyone who has made this year a memorable one for us. We will never forget all that you have done and continue to do for us. We love you all.

Love and Aloha,

Da Solomon Ohana

Sunday, June 29, 2008

29th of June: Aloha From Michigan

It has been a wonderful week for my family and I. Mom just got done with her classes for the summer and is looking forward to taking some needed vacation time. We are hoping to get a chance to return to the Islands in July. We have a family reunion the dad wants to attend so that he can show off mommy and I. Dad has promised to give me my first swimming lesson in the same pond that he received his...Hau'ula Beach Park Kiddy Pool. I can't wait. I'm hoping that he teaches me how to fish and catch squid. We are also hoping to get to see Uncle Lamont and Aunt Katie in San Fran. They haven't seen me yet so this will be a first for us. We might get lucky and see my Uncle Jeff and the Ohana down in orange as well. I would love to have a picture with my cousins Syd and Jaymie. I'll keep my toes crossed.

Dad is back to work and working hard. The people at work seem to really miss him. They must really like him. Mom and I miss him as well and think he's pretty swell. Although it is "hard to say goodbye" it is always nice when he comes home to us.

Dad has spent a good portion of his time taking some pictures of me. Here are some old sledding videos and pictures, as well as some of his latest pics. He, along with all the young single adult sisters in the University Ward, and Mom, seem to think that I'm cute. Well, Mom and Dad are bias. As for the sisters in the Ward...I think that they are pretty good looking myself. But Dad says that I have a long way to go before I can be worthy of any of them. He really feels for them. They are wonderful, Dad says, and hopes that they will find peace, love, happiness, and all the our Heavenly Father has in store for them. He wishes that there were enough righteous men for each of them but that just isn't the case. He, and Mom, keep hoping though. Either way they are of great worth and He hopes that they know that for themselves. Dad says that it is a lot easier being happily married if you have been happily single.

Mom and Dad will be celebrating 1 year of marriage tomorrow...Hip Hip...Hurray. They look good together. Man how the time flies. It just seems like yesterday Dad and Mom just met and now look........I'm here. Heavenly Father sure works in mysterious ways...thank goodness. These are great times for are Ohana and we love to share them with all of you. Thank you all for checking in on how we are doing. We love your comments that you leave us. We love the wonderful titles that you have offered up and hope you continue to do so. We hope to hear more from you but until then....Love and Aloha from Da Solomon Ohana

PS. Feki, blue and white may look nice....But nothing says awesome lie RED RAIDER 4 LIFE. Love ya..

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Mahalo to everyone who has replied. My parents and I hope you visit our site each week to catch up with the Solomon's and to chime in on our caption of the day. Our inaugural invitation to visit our Ohana Blog was met with some success. We have heard from friends and family that we haven't heard from in a long time...(we miss you all). We hope that you continue to check in on us each week to see how we are doing. We also hope you don't mind us sending you a weekly invite to our Blog.

As for this past week...Dad went back to work...BOOHOO. Mom and I got so spoiled with home. He did the dishes, laundry, cooked, cleaned, changed my diaper, relieved mom when needed, and made us laugh as often as he could. I don't know if you know this but my Dad is the funniest Dad I know. I don't know how mom and I got by but we did. We sure do love when Daddy comes home though.

Mommy is working hard as well. Making sure that my every whim is met (Diaper, Food, Fun Time, and Naps). It is a difficult challenge but my mom is a champion. She also finds time to fulfill her part time job here at the Living Center, study her scriptures, and do her homework. She is not perfect mind you but she is doing her very best and I love her for that.

As for me...I've been thinking about career paths. A few of my choices are listed below with the reasons:
  1. Entertainer = When ever I enter a room people want to come and see me
  2. Supper Model/Star = My fans are always taking pictures of me
  3. Vampire/Night Watchman = I'm up at night and asleep in the day time
  4. Clown = I'm always making Mom and Dad laugh
  5. Sniper = When mom changes my diaper I seem to hit her when she least expects it
  6. Demolitionist = Dad says I have a knack for blowing up my diaper

These are some of the career paths I've been thinking about. Let me know what you think. If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Now for the "Caption of The Day." We had many people answer the challenge and it was tough coming up with the winning title. But after hours and hours of deliberation we went with Auntie Resa's...."What, owe you money?" A close second was Uncle Harrison's "No! My halo slipped onto my forehead! What do I do?" Congrats to Auntie Resa for being our first winner. A thank you card will be on its way. Know don't feel left bad that your caption wasn't chosen...there is always this week. Take a look under "Name DAT Caption" and give it another try.

Mahalo again for all of our Ohana for taking time out to connect with us. We aren't the best at keeping in touch but we are trying. You all mean a lot to us and we hope by doing this you will begin to realize that. Mahalo again and have a great week.

Love and Aloha,

Willim Kawikakaopuakalaaukahi Solomon

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Daddy Day

Aloha everyone. This has been a great day for my Daddy. He has waited 36 years for this day and now that it is here he doesn't know how to act. He did what he usually does on a Sunday.

  1. He went to Bishopric meeting and Ward Council.
  2. We spent our first Daddy Day together in Church
  3. We came home and He and I had boys nap together
  4. Mommy cooked him a wonderful spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and Jello for desert
  5. G-Pa/G-Ma Holm came over to enjoy in dinner
  6. Daddy then led devotional here at the Living Center for the residents in the men and women's apartment buildings.
  7. The rest of the night will be spent putting me to bed and probably Mommy and Daddy playing Epic Duals, Settlers of Canton, and reading scriptures.

We got a phone call from G-Ma Solomon (Tutu) wishing Daddy a happy Daddy Day. He enjoyed that. In fact, he enjoyed everyone who offered up those same salutations. He plans on calling G-Pa Solomon and wishing him a happy Daddy Day later on in the evening. hope that everyone is enjoying this day as much as we have. It has been great to see Dad finally get to celebrate His special day.

Love and Aloha,

William Kawiakaopuakalaaukahi Solomon

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shaka Bra

My cousin Hookena taught me how to Shaka Bra. I haven't gotten the hang of it just yet but I'm hopeful. I got the fist pumping down like a champion. Also in this video you will here the voice of my Uncle Ricky, Aunty Sila, and my Daddy. You will also get to see my dear friend Ellie (Elizabeth Kinghorn). She is the newest member of Uncle Brian, Aunty Leah, and Alexis's Ohana. She is cutie.

Put Me In, Coach

My mommy got this shirt for me. It is the first of many to come. I hope to follow in the footsteps of my daddy, uncles, grandfather, grandmother, etc... and don the red and white. Daddy says that I was bred to wear red and though I may reside in the continental U.S, my home is in Hau'ula. I can't wait to get there. H-A-U...U-L-A...HAU'ULA.

Sunday Gathering After My Blessing

Here are some pictures after my blessing. We were so blessed to have our ohana from Tennessee, Hawaii, California, Dewitt, Battle Creek, and Muskegon come and join us. It was very special to have all of them there and we are so grateful for all that they do for us. In the picture we have, left to right in the front row: James, Cally, Hookena, Ili, and Noa. 2nd row: Victoria, Mommy, Daddy and Me , Aunty Tammy, Sharelle, G-Ma Solomon, and Aunty Kahiau. 3rd row: G-Pa Holm, Uncle Jim, G-Ma Holm, Adriana, Aunty Sila, Carly, and Keawa in the back. Not in the picture: Uncle Brian, Aunty Leah, and Elizabeth Kinghorn, my Aunty Kai, and my Uncle Ricky. Tammy is Mommy's oldest sister. Her husband is Uncle Jim and their kids are Victory, James, and Cally. We had hoped to see more of our Ohana but Dad said things came up so they were unable to come. That's okay because Dad works for the airlines so that means when Dad is working hard, Mom and I can go "Holo Holo" (visiting) everyone...for FFRREEEEEEE. Mahalo much Dad.

Welcome Home

I haven't been in front of a computer or done "much" these three weeks. It has been all about baby. I can't believe it was just three weeks ago today, almost 4. I've had so many emotions run through me. I marvel at the miracle it is to create life and to see it right before your eyes. I'm overwhelmed that he is ours and we have to meet his needs all the time and I think of the future and pray we will be friends and that we will teach him well. I'm so grateful for a patient husband to lift me up, make me smile when I need it and who is willing to burp or take the baby when I need a break. those qualities in a man are so important. The story is Wed, May14 I woke to having contractions in my stomach. I remember thinking: so that's what they feel like". I went back to bed. Thurs, I felt them all morning here and there but by mid afternoon they were coming more regular so I started to keep track of them. By 7 they were stopping me in my tracks. When they came I would have to brace myself and breathe through them. In the afternoon they moved from my stomach to my back and it was more irritating there. I even called Tammy to ask her what "real contractions" where like. She said "you'd know. You wont be able to talk through them". A half hour after that it was just like she said. I finished the dishes (taking two breaks to breathe through contractions) and then to my bed. I finally called Don and told him to come home. The whole plan was for friends of ours to take me to the hospital and he'd meet me there when the day arrived but I didn't want that. I called him and told him to come home. He came very quickly. They say you are in labor if they are 5 mins apart, they last 1 min and this lasts for 1 hour. That was definitely happening but I still didn't believe it. We finally left for the hospital at 10 pm. It was a very busy night there. Later we heard 18 babies were born. They had an intern going around to the different mothers and interviewing them to see which could be sent home-- I wasn't one of them and the poor guy came in three times to ask questions at the worst times. I was at three cm when they checked me and that surprised me. The contractions started to be all consuming. I would have a second warning and then it would hit with the worst back pain ever. All I wanted to do is yell out but Don did a great job of always reminding me to breathe and count though it. The crazy thing is experiencing my water breaking!! It was just Don and I-the nurse had left. I had a huge contraction and then it was like a bucket of water on my lap (a small one ) or like sitting on a water balloon. I went to 7 cm fast but by then the back pain was too much. I planned to do it without pain relief but just didn't want to go through it anymore. I got an epidural and it was great. I still felt pressure but the back pain wasn't there anymore. At 9cm my contractions slowed down too much so they gave me pitocin. It was difficult to push at first b/c it was a new thing to push down there but by the time he was coming out....and with the Doc's help I knew where to push. Also, it got to the point where I wanted to push..I had this overwhelming feeling (and knowledge) that if I just pushed the pain would leave and it would over. Then I heard William's first cry and suddenly they placed him on my chest and he was real and we looked at each other. It was amazing. He is adorable and we are amazed to see him. Don was wonderful through out it and is strength. I love seeing William's expressions. He will smile and chuckle in his sleep and frown too. He will intently stare at you with wide eyes-just soaking everything in. I have to go but just wanted to share my story. Take Care,love Renee

Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Blog

This is my first go at it. This is a test run. This is your typical Hawaiian Luau dinner plate. It has all the fixens that a Local could ever want at a Luau. Lomi Lomi Samon, Chicken Longrice, Squid Luau, Pani Popo, and Kalua Pig.....Can you say...ONO LICIOUS!!!!!!! What you don't see in the picture is the Rice, Raw Fish, and the Hawaiian steroid....POI.....yah doggie.
This was taken at our wedding day. I think this plate was made for and consumed by my lovely wife. Though she is of mainland decent, she tried everything. Mahalo to my love for loving that much. 4 EVA-N-EVA